Our slimming methodology combines three elements, technology, slimming massage and body wraps. For a made to measure program, or something to shed those extra pounds you have put recently, come by for a personal no obligation consultation.

It is best to understand the cause of your weight gain so as to find the most effective treatments.

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Technology - Radio Frequency Slimming

Radio Frequency uses high frequency electric currents to produce heat which reaches below the skin and targets the fat. Energy is delivered to the deeper fat in zones and maintained to allow uniform heating of the deep fat. Increasing temperature of fat cells encourages the release of stored fat, that is it burns fat. Through application of RF, stubborn stored fat is liquified and passed out of the body. Temperature is kept below 42 degree celsius to prevent cell damage. The heat is generated at a cellular level with no discomfort to the client at all.

RF can target stubborn areas for contouring. At the same time, skin in treated areas is tightened giving it a firm and smooth look.

RF is a painless and safe way to get the svelte figure you have always wanted. A recommended program lasts for 4-6 weeks, with at least 2 treatments per week. It is recommended to pair RF treatment with massages and wraps for maximum results.

Slimming massage

A specialized slimming massage can greatly aid any weight loss regime by accelerating fat and water loss. Special massage techniques break subcutaneous fat, thereby reducing cellulite and encouraging reduction of fat cells. Slimming massages can be a little uncomfortable for beginners, however, it is something you could get used to with time.

Slimming body wraps

Body wraps draws toxins from the body and helps tone skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. The treatment entails wrapping your torso, arms and legs using mud or other organic ingredients. A comfortable level of heat is applied and together with the compression provided by the wrap, this treatment promotes sweating and enables extra fluid trapped in the small spaces between tissues to be expelled. Body wraps activate the lymphatic system thereby promoting detoxification and boosts metabolism. Benefits of body wraps include skin firming, cellulite reduction and softer skin.

Body wraps are excellent to fight water retention, and is recommended as a weight management treatment.

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